File #: 190755    Version: Name: Mission Bay South - Parks P2 Parking Lot, P11-11A, P23, and P24 Acceptance
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
Introduced: 7/9/2019 In control: Clerk of the Board
On agenda: Final action: 8/1/2019
Enactment date: 8/1/2019 Enactment #: 179-19
Title: Ordinance dedicating Park P2 Parking Lot (a portion of Assessor’s Parcel Block No. 8710, Lot No. 2, adjacent to Channel Street), Park P11-11A (east of Mission Bay Drive and Circle), and Parks P23 and P24 (adjacent to Terry Francois Boulevard between 16th Street and Illinois Street), as open public right-of-way in Mission Bay South; accepting an irrevocable offer for the acquisition facilities that comprise the Park improvements; designating said facilities for public open space and park purposes only; accepting the Parks for City maintenance and liability purposes, subject to specified limitations; amending Ordinance No. 1061 entitled “Regulating the Width of Sidewalks” to establish a new official sidewalk width on the north side of Channel Street adjacent to Park P2 Parking Lot; adopting findings under the California Environmental Quality Act; making findings of consistency with the General Plan, the eight priority policies of Planning Code, Section 101.1, and the Mission Bay South Redevelopment Plan; adopting a Public Works Order that recommends acceptance of the abovementioned Parks and related actions; and authorizing official acts, as defined herein, in connection with this Ordinance.
Sponsors: Mayor, Matt Haney
Attachments: 1. Leg Ver1, 2. Leg Dig Ver1, 3. PW Order No. 201474 070319, 4. OCII Ltr - P11-P11a 061019, 5. OCII Ltr - P23-P24 062119, 6. OCII Ltr - P2 Parking Lot 061019, 7. PLN GP Referral P11-11A & P2 Parking Lot 051019, 8. PLN GP Referral P23-P24 051419, 9. Offer of Improvements - P11-11A 050119, 10. Offer of Improvements - P2 Parking Lot 050119, 11. Offer of Improvements - P23-P24 032619, 12. Warranties & Guaranties - P11-P11A 062719, 13. Warranties & Guaranties - Park P2 Parking Lot 062719, 14. Warranties & Guaranties - P23-P24 032619, 15. P11-11A - Map A-17-183, 16. P2 Parking Lot - Map A-17-184, 17. P2 Parking Lot Drawing Q-20-1091, 18. Park P23-P24 - Map A-17-185, 19. PW P11-11A Permit 073114, 20. PW P23-P24 Permit 120115, 21. Acquisition Agrmt 060101, 22. Attchmnt List, 23. Comm Pkt 072219, 24. Leg Ver2, 25. Leg Dig Ver2, 26. Board Pkt 072319, 27. Board Pkt 073019, 28. Leg Final, 29. Response Fire Dept 020520
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