File #: 230732    Version: Name: Planning and Building Codes - Commercial to Residential Adaptive Reuse and Downtown Economic Revitalization
Type: Ordinance Status: Passed
Introduced: 6/13/2023 In control: Clerk of the Board
On agenda: Final action: 7/28/2023
Enactment date: 7/28/2023 Enactment #: 159-23
Title: Ordinance amending the Planning Code to 1) facilitate residential uses Downtown by authorizing the conversion of non-residential uses to residential use in C (Commercial) zoning districts, and exempting such projects from requirements for rear yard, open space, streetscape improvements, dwelling unit exposure, off-street freight loading, curb cuts for vehicular access, bike parking, transportation demand management, dwelling unit mix, and Intermediate Length Occupancy controls, permitting live work units in such project, streamlining administrative approvals for projects in the C-3 zoning district, and modifying the dimensional limits on exemptions to height restrictions for mechanical equipment, elevator, stair, and mechanical penthouses; 2) economically revitalize Downtown by adding Flexible Workspace as a defined use, authorizing large scale retail uses in the C-3 zoning district, allowing window displays in the C-3 zoning district, allowing Flexible Workspace as an active ground floor commercial use along certain street frontages in C-3 zoning districts, allowing accessory storage in any C zoning district, allowing the temporary installation for 60 days of certain signs in the C-3-R district, allowing temporary non-residential uses in vacant spaces for up to one year, including formula retail, reducing density limits for Residential Dwelling Units and Senior Housing in the C-2 zoning districts east of or fronting Franklin Street/13th Street and north of Townsend Street, principally permitting Laboratory, Life Science, Agricultural and Beverage Processing, and Animal Hospitals in C-2 zoning districts, principally permitting Senior Housing, Residential Care Facilities, Outdoor Entertainment, Open Recreation Areas, Animal Hospitals, and Trade Schools in the C-3 zoning district, allowing formula retail as a ground floor use on Market Street, principally permitting office and design professional uses on the second floor and higher in the C-3-R zoning district, and requiring consideration of office vacancy in consideration of granting exceptions in the Transit Center Commercial Special Use District; 3) streamline sign permitting citywide and in the C-3 and portions of the C-2 districts by allowing for the repair and rehabilitation of certain neon signs, and exempting existing business signs in the C-3 zoning district from certain zoning controls; 4) streamline Historic Preservation review of minor permits to alter for awnings, as may be delegated by the Historic Preservation Commission; 5) increase threshold for large projects subject to commercial to residential ratios in the C-3-O district, and provide alternatives to on-site open space in certain C-3 districts by allowing for payment of an in lieu fee as an alternative to providing open space; 6) facilitate residential adaptive reuse by amending the Building Code to add standards for adaptive reuse of non-residential buildings; and 7) principally permit formula retail and waive size limitations for such uses on a portion of Showplace Square Area (555-9th Street, Assessor’s Parcel Block No. 3781, Lot No. 003); affirming the Planning Department’s determination under the California Environmental Quality Act; making findings of consistency with the General Plan, and the eight priority policies of Planning Code, Section 101.1; and making findings of public necessity, convenience, and welfare pursuant to Planning Code, Section 302.
Sponsors: Mayor, Aaron Peskin, Ahsha Safai, Matt Dorsey
Attachments: 1. Referral CEQA PC 041023, 2. Referral BIC 041023, 3. Referral CEQA PC 041423, 4. Referral BIC 041423, 5. CEQA Determination 050923, 6. PC Transmittal 051123, 7. BIC Transmittal 051823, 8. Comm Pkt 060523, 9. Public Comment 060523, 10. Melgar Comm Rpt 060823, 11. Comm Pkt 061223, 12. Leg Ver1, 13. Leg Dig Ver1, 14. Leg Ver2, 15. Leg Dig Ver2, 16. Melgar Comm Rpt Req 071323, 17. PC Transmittal 071323, 18. Comm Pkt 071723, 19. Leg Ver3, 20. Leg Dig Ver3, 21. Board Pkt 071823, 22. Board Pkt 072523, 23. Leg Final
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