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City and County of San Francisco Legislation Details File #:  Version: 4 121044 Name: Piers 30-32/Seawall Lot 330 - Warriors 
Development Project
Status: Type: Resolution Passed File created: In control: 11/6/2012 Board of Supervisors On agenda: Final action: 11/20/2012 Enactment date: 11/20/2012 417-12 Enactment #: Title: Resolution finding that a project proposed by GSW Arena LLC, an affiliate of the Golden State  Warriors, to rehabilitate Port property at Piers 30-32, develop on the piers a multi-purpose venue  useable for public assembly uses and other events, such as conventions, Warriors home games,  cultural events, family shows and performing arts, and for other purposes, including public open  space, maritime use, visitor serving retail, and related parking facilities, and develop on Seawall Lot  330 residential, hotel, and/or retail uses and accessory parking, is fiscally feasible and responsible  under Administrative Code Chapter 29; urging City and Port officials to make evaluating the proposed  project among its highest priorities; and to take all appropriate steps to further environmental review of  the proposed project. Sponsors: Mayor, Carmen Chu, David Chiu, Mark Farrell, Scott Wiener, Eric Mar Attachments: 1. Legislation_Ver1, 2. Legislation_Ver2, 3. Budget_Analyst_111412-.pdf, 4. Comm_Packet_111412, 
5. Legislation_Ver3, 6. Board_Packet_112012, 7. Legislation_Final
Action By Date Action Result Ver. RECEIVED AND ASSIGNED President 10/23/2012 1 REFERRED TO DEPARTMENT Clerk of the Board 10/31/2012 1 SUBSTITUTED AND ASSIGNED President 11/6/2012 2 AMENDED Budget and Finance Committee 11/14/2012 2 Pass RECOMMENDED AS AMENDED Budget and Finance Committee 11/14/2012 2 Pass APPROVED Mayor 11/20/2012 4 AMENDED Board of Supervisors 11/20/2012 2 Pass ADOPTED AS AMENDED Board of Supervisors 11/20/2012 4 Pass