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City and County of San Francisco Legislation Details File #:  Version: 2 131165 Name: Appointments, Immigrant Rights Commission - 
Kathleen Coll, Mario Paz, Celine Kennelly, Felix 
Fuentes, Melba Maldonado, and T. Toye Moses
Status: Type: Motion Passed File created: In control: 11/22/2013 Clerk of the Board On agenda: Final action: 12/17/2013 Enactment date: 12/17/2013 M13-171 Enactment #: Title: Motion appointing Kathleen Coll, Mario Paz, Celine Kennelly, Felix Fuentes, Melba Maldonado, and T.  Toye Moses, terms ending June 6, 2015, to the Immigrant Rights Commission, residency requirement  waived. Sponsors: Attachments: 1. Leg_Ver2, 2. Board_Pkt_121713, 3. Leg_Final
Action By Date Action Result Ver. RECEIVED AND ASSIGNED President 11/22/2013 1 PREPARED IN COMMITTEE AS A 
Rules Committee 12/5/2013 1 RECOMMENDED.. Rules Committee 12/5/2013 2 Pass APPROVED Board of Supervisors 12/17/2013 2 Pass