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City and County of San Francisco Legislation Details File #:  Version: 1 140679 Name: Administrative Code - Temporary Severance of 
Rental Housing Services During Mandatory Seismic 
Status: Type: Ordinance Passed File created: In control: 6/10/2014 Clerk of the Board On agenda: Final action: 7/31/2014 Enactment date: 7/31/2014 173-14 Enactment #: Title: Ordinance amending Administrative Code, Chapter 37 “Residential Rent Stabilization and Arbitration  Ordinance,” and adding Chapter 65A “Compensation, or Substitute Housing Service, for Tenants  Affected by Temporary Severance of Specified Housing Services During Mandatory Seismic Work  Required by Building Code, Chapter 34B,” to address temporary severance of specified housing  services during mandatory seismic retrofit required by City Building Code, Chapter 34B “Mandatory  Earthquake Retrofit of Wood-Frame Buildings.” Sponsors: Mayor, David Chiu, Scott Wiener Attachments: 1. Leg Ver1, 2. Leg Dig Ver1, 3. Comm Pkt 070714, 4. Board Pkt 071514, 5. Board Pkt 072214, 6. 
Leg Final
Action By Date Action Result Ver. ASSIGNED President 6/10/2014 1 REFERRED TO DEPARTMENT Clerk of the Board 6/18/2014 1 RECOMMENDED Land Use and Economic 
Development Committee
7/7/2014 1 Pass PASSED, ON FIRST READING Board of Supervisors 7/15/2014 1 Pass FINALLY PASSED Board of Supervisors 7/22/2014 1 Pass APPROVED Mayor 7/31/2014 1