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City and County of San Francisco Legislation Details File #:  Version: 2 150017 Name: Planning Code - Castro Street Neighborhood 
Commercial District, 24th Street - Noe Valley 
Neighborhood Commercial District, Upper Market 
Street Neighborhood Commercial Transit District, 
and Parcels Zoned Neighborhood Commercial 
Transit on Market Street
Status: Type: Ordinance Passed File created: In control: 3/24/2015 Clerk of the Board On agenda: Final action: 6/12/2015 Enactment date: 6/12/2015 076-15 Enactment #: Title: Ordinance amending the Planning Code to require that certain uses obtain Conditional Use  authorization in the Castro Street Neighborhood Commercial District, the 24th Street - Noe Valley  Neighborhood Commercial District, the Upper Market Neighborhood Commercial Transit District, and  in the Moderate-Scale Neighborhood Commercial Transit (NCT-3) District for parcels on Market Street  west of Octavia Boulevard; affirming the Planning Department’s determination under the California  Environmental Quality Act; and making findings of consistency with the General Plan, and the eight  priority policies of Planning Code, Section 101.1. Sponsors: Scott Wiener Attachments: 1. Leg Ver1, 2. Leg Dig Ver1, 3. Response PLN CEQA 012315, 4. Leg Ver2, 5. Leg Dig Ver2, 6. 
Response PLN Comm 042815.pdf, 7. Comm Pkt 051115, 8. Board Pkt 051915, 9. Board Pkt 060215, 
10. Leg Final
Action By Date Action Result Ver. ASSIGNED UNDER 30 DAY RULE President 1/7/2015 1 REFERRED TO DEPARTMENT Clerk of the Board 1/16/2015 1 RESPONSE RECEIVED Planning Department 1/23/2015 1 SUBSTITUTED AND ASSIGNED President 3/24/2015 2 REFERRED TO DEPARTMENT Clerk of the Board 4/10/2015 2 RESPONSE RECEIVED Planning Commission 4/28/2015 2 RECOMMENDED Land Use and Transportation 
5/11/2015 2 Pass PASSED ON FIRST READING Board of Supervisors 5/19/2015 2 Pass FINALLY PASSED Board of Supervisors 6/2/2015 2 Pass APPROVED Mayor 6/12/2015 2