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City and County of San Francisco Legislation Details File #:  Version: 1 170046 Name: Conditionally Reversing the Final Environmental 
Impact Report Certification - Significant Natural 
Resource Areas Management Plan
Status: Type: Motion Killed File created: In control: 1/19/2017 Board of Supervisors On agenda: Final action: 2/28/2017 2/28/2017 Enactment date: Enactment #: Title: Motion conditionally reversing the Planning Commission’s certification of the Final Environmental  Impact Report prepared for the proposed Significant Natural Resource Areas Management Plan,  subject to the adoption of written findings of the Board in support of this determination. Sponsors: Attachments: 1. Leg Ver1, 2. Board Pkt 022817
Action By Date Action Result Ver. SCHEDULED FOR PUBLIC HEARING Clerk of the Board 1/19/2017 1 TABLED Board of Supervisors 2/28/2017 1 Pass