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City and County of San Francisco Legislation Details File #:  Version: 1 170137 Name: Hearing - Impact of the Money Bail System Status: Type: Hearing Filed File created: In control: 1/31/2017 Public Safety and Neighborhood Services 
On agenda: Final action: 1/5/2018 Enactment date: Enactment #: Title: Hearing on the impact of the money bail system on women and families, and to identify opportunities  for reform at the local level; and requesting the Sheriff's Department, Office of the Public Defender,  Office of the District Attorney, Office of the City Attorney, Office of the Treasurer and Tax Collector, and  the Superior Courts to report. Sponsors: Hillary Ronen Attachments: 1. FYI Hearing 020717, 2. Comm Pkt 062817, 3. Pub Comment 062817, 4. Pub Def Presentation 
062817, 5. Quattrone Rpt 072817, 6. TTX Rpt 062817, 7. TTX Presentation 062817
Action By Date Action Result Ver. RECEIVED AND ASSIGNED President 1/31/2017 1 REFERRED TO DEPARTMENT Clerk of the Board 2/7/2017 1 CONTINUED TO CALL OF THE CHAIR Public Safety and Neighborhood 
Services Committee
6/28/2017 1 Pass FILED PURSUANT TO RULE 3.41 Clerk of the Board 1/5/2018 1