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City and County of San Francisco Legislation Details File #:  Version: 1 190372 Name: Hearing - Services to Support Housing 
Conservatorship Program
Status: Type: Hearing Filed File created: In control: 4/2/2019 Rules Committee On agenda: Final action: 5/20/2019 Enactment date: Enactment #: Title: Hearing regarding whether the City has services, including, but not limited to, supportive housing with  wraparound services and adequate beds, outpatient mental health counseling, psychiatric and  psychological services, and substance use disorder services, in sufficient quantity, resources, and  funding levels to serve the population that will be served by the Housing Conservatorship Program  proposed in the pending Ordinance in File No. 181042; and requesting the Department of Public  Health, Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing, and Office of the Public Conservator  of the Department of Aging and Adult Services to report. Sponsors: Rafael Mandelman Attachments: 1. Comm Pkt 051319, 2. Comm Pkt 052019
Action By Date Action Result Ver. RECEIVED AND ASSIGNED President 4/2/2019 1 CONTINUED Rules Committee 5/13/2019 1 Pass HEARD AND FILED Rules Committee 5/20/2019 1 Pass