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City and County of San Francisco Legislation Details File #:  Version: 1 190479 Name: Police Code - Clarifying Fair Chance Ordinance - 
Revising Beyond the Box in College Admissions 
Status: Type: Ordinance Passed File created: In control: 5/14/2019 Clerk of the Board On agenda: Final action: 5/14/2019 8/9/2019 Enactment date: 8/9/2019 187-19 Enactment #: Title: Ordinance amending the Police Code to clarify the content of the notice that employers must post  summarizing applicants’ and employees’ rights under the Fair Chance Ordinance; revise the Beyond  the Box in College Admissions Ordinance by changing the enforcing agency from the Office of Labor  Standards Enforcement to the Human Rights Commission; adding notice and posting requirements to  inform applicants, as defined, of their rights; making penalties payable to applicants; and revising the  private right of action requirements. Sponsors: Attachments: 1. Leg Ver1, 2. Leg Dig Ver1, 3. ADM Ltr 050619, 4. Referral FYI 052419, 5. Comm Pkt 071119, 6. 
Board Pkt 072319, 7. Board Pkt 073019, 8. Leg Final
Action By Date Action Result Ver. RECEIVED FROM DEPARTMENT Clerk of the Board 5/6/2019 1 ASSIGNED UNDER 30 DAY RULE President 5/14/2019 1 REFERRED TO DEPARTMENT Clerk of the Board 5/24/2019 1 TRANSFERRED President 7/3/2019 1 RECOMMENDED Public Safety and Neighborhood 
Services Committee
7/11/2019 1 Pass PASSED ON FIRST READING Board of Supervisors 7/23/2019 1 Pass FINALLY PASSED Board of Supervisors 7/30/2019 1 Pass APPROVED Mayor 8/9/2019 1