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City and County of San Francisco Legislation Details File #:  Version: 1 200541 Name: Settlement of Unlitigated Claim - Bundox Restaurant 
Corporation - $0
Status: Type: Resolution Passed File created: In control: 6/2/2020 Clerk of the Board On agenda: Final action: 6/2/2020 7/24/2020 Enactment date: 7/24/2020 324-20 Enactment #: Title: Resolution approving the settlement of the unlitigated claim filed by Bundox Restaurant Corporation  against the City and County of San Francisco for no refund, the discharge of unpaid unsecured  property taxes of $573,848.77, plus statutory interest, and the release of all future unsecured property  tax assessments against the Claimant for tax years 2000 through 2016; the claim was filed on  September 25, 2019; the claim involves a refund of unsecured property taxes for tax years 2000  through 2016. Sponsors: Attachments: 1. Leg Ver1, 2. Comm Pkt 070220, 3. Board Pkt 071420, 4. Leg Final
Action By Date Action Result Ver. RECEIVED FROM DEPARTMENT Clerk of the Board 5/15/2020 1 RECEIVED AND ASSIGNED President 6/2/2020 1 RECOMMENDED Government Audit and Oversight 
7/2/2020 1 Pass ADOPTED Board of Supervisors 7/14/2020 1 Pass APPROVED Mayor 7/24/2020 1